OTT platform for Viasat is a well-earned victory!
Here is a background. Viasat had an Internet TV platform. Due to defects and incompleteness of the product, it was impossible to apply many modern solutions to it, contributing to the development of the services provided. Due to these limits, the company could not provide decent competition in the niche presented and effectively promote its proposals.

• Improve the early version of the OTT platform;
• Overcome a number of serious functional limits;
• Make the product more stable and ready for high loads.

To implement the task, we used the following tools:

• Ruby on rails
• Ruby
• Typo3

Thanks to the coordinated work of our development team, we were able to make the platform more flexible, able to withstand high loads, stable and functional within a reasonable time.

The end product was so interesting that our work was presented at the Wadline Spring Awards 2020 and it won a solid victory.

Congratulations to all employees! Victory be yours!

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