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Park Cloud App Award

It is necessary to choose a visual aid that is appropriate for the material and audience.
Every car owner in a big city knows the eternal problem of parking. Even chargeable parking facility does not always perform its functions properly. Paying ourselves, we can stick around searching for the free space, spend time getting a ticket, and take a not-so-convenient place. Therefore, we were hired to solve this problem.

Our team was faced with the task of developing a cloud service for managing and monetizing parking spaces. Its essence was to link the owners of parking lots with car owners.

The first ones got their hands on a tool that optimized parking management as much as possible.

The second ones had a convenient opportunity to use the commercial parking on favorable terms.
It is necessary to choose a visual aid that is appropriate for the material and audience.
The task seemed unusual, interesting and required of us to work comprehensively from analytics in terms of developing a concept in three blocks:

• Customers
• Parking owners
• Owners of the application itself

till creating the corporate identity of the application, design and integration with the hardware (cameras, barriers, etc.)

In our work, we used such tools as:

• Ruby on rails;
• React Native;
• Vue.js

Further, we decided to submit this case for the Tagline Awards 2019. During the difficult competition, we were able to get bronze in the nominations:

• Best mobile MVP app
• Best mobile service

The coordinated work of our team allowed us to achieve our goals in developing an original, useful, sought-after product. Let it be only bronze, but it only stimulates us to search for original solutions, creativity in approaches and achievement of new, still unknown peaks!
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