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Developing advanced
business products
in a reasonable time
Taking on the technical nuances of development
UX Design
Web Development
Designing interfaces and testing them on potential users; making them convenient and user-friendly

Designing a product that meets the business needs and challenges of the target audience
Mobile App Development
Machine Learning, Ai, Bigdata
Developing native Android and iOS applications, taking into account the requirements of the platform providers

Developing the server part of the mobile application; integrating it with external systems. Creating a user-friendly interface for the application
Engaging the capabilities of Machine Learning to solve business challenges of any type: from predictive analysis services to computer vision systems
Our Profile
Employing approved modern methods to maintain high development speed and product quality

Designing the software architecture factoring in the high loads, complex integrations and potential product scaling
Creating an adaptive interface capable of reliable operation in all browsers

Testing at all stages of development to ensure a high level of product quality
Progress Engine is a team of developers boasting 7 years of experience in creating high-load services and mobile applications. We appreciate complex projects and have been assisting our clients in overcoming various business challenges since 2012
We do not simply write the code. We help our client to understand the advantages and drawbacks of the future product.
The development of your product will engage 15 experts that have completed 70 projects of varying complexity: from laconic mobile apps to high-tech products for thousands of users.
To ensure a high competence and transparency of product development, we select a set of methods and tools (Kanban, Agile, and Scrum) for each client individually. We remain flexible while approaching the constantly arising new challenges and conditions. Each product is developed by a dedicated team of specialists who shall not divert from the task
CEO Aleksey Poimtsev
Our experience and stack of technologies are not only the cornerstones of the successful development of a product for the target audience. They are a guarantee that we will dive into the client's project from the very first minute and adapt to any specified rhythm of work. We will listen to the client, draw conclusions and suggest improvements to deliver a solution
How We Work
Preparing the foundation
We test the product hypotheses on potential users, then compose an iterative plan for a phased implementation of the product, so that it can be launched stage-by-stage
We develop the product in close cooperation with the client's team, gradually introducing new functions and collecting feedback
We introduce analytical systems and direct the client team's work to improve the product. We plan the product's development based on the metrics
100% immersion in the work process
We thoroughly study the business processes and needs of the client to understand the essence, details, and nuances of each project
Why are we trusted?
Satisfied clients are the best kind of advertisement
Our main priority is delivering a product that solves all the challenges the client is facing
Real technical support
Once the project is completed, we provide technical support for the product and help to solve any emerging issues
We make it easy
We speak a language that our clients can understand. We explain the complicated in simple terms and avoid burdening you with technical intricacies
Type: Commercial project

Field: Uber-like, Uber for contractors

What's done:
Bug fixes and improved stability of iOS, Android applications
Mobile application for YouDo
Type: Commercial project

Field: Television, OTT

What's done: Platform development
OTT platform development
for Viasat
Type: Commercial project

Field: Television

What's done:
Development of iOS, Android applications.
High-load backend application
Type: Commercial project

Field: Business process automation

What's done:
System design and development
Mobile application
STS. Second Screen
Control system
for the quest location 'Claustrophobia: Arcade'
Type: Commercial project

Field: Analytics and reporting

What's done:
System design and development
Regional device sales
analytics system
for Highscreen
Type: Commercial Project

Field: Gaming

What's done: HTML5 versions of mobile games, as special projects
Implementing certain web games for ZEPTOLAB
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Type: Commercial project

Field: Uber-like, Uber for translators

What's done:

Development of an iOS application.
Development of a backend application.
Development of a landing page.
Mobile application
for the Abracadabra translation service
Type: Commercial project

Field: Art

What's done:
Development of iOS, Android applications
Mobile application
for the Grad gallery
for creating video slideshows
Type: Commercial project


What's done:
Development of iOS, Android applications
Type: Commercial project

Field: Banking

What's done:
Development of iOS, Android applications
Mobile application for the OORRAA.ru online store
Mobile banking application for Mezhtopenergobank
Type: Commercial project

Field: Email client

What's done:
Development of an SDK for the iOS application
SDK for an MS Exchange email client
for KSK Group and Inbox Zero
Type: Commercial project

Field: Payment services

What's done:
Development of SDK for iOS, Android
Mobile application
for Yandex Metrika
Type: Internal project

Field: PetTech

What's done:

System design and development
Type: Internal project

Field: Analytics and reporting

What's done: Product formation, design.
Development of iOS, Android applications
Development of the CosmoZoo pet owners service
Parking Payment SDK for Yandex. Money
Type: Commercial project

Field: Television

What's done:

System design and development – backend
Development of a football fans service for Liga TV
Type: Commercial project
Field: Banking, analytics and reporting
What's done:
An iOS application.
Development of a backend application to integrate with the bank systems and obtain information from them.
Mobile application for top managers of Home Credit Bank
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• Vue, Mithril, React, Riot
• Nuxt.js
• Webpack, Gulp, Grunt
• Ruby + Ruby on rails
• Elixir + Phoenix Framework
• Golang + Echo Framework
• Node.js
• Python
• PostgreSQL (standalone + RDS)
• RethinkDB
• Redis
• Tarantool
• Clickhouse
• Elasticsearch
• iOS: Swift + Objective-C
• Android: Java + Kotlin
• Ansible
• Chef
• Puppet
• Capistrano
• Jenkins
• Codeship
Big data, AI, Machine learning
• TensorFlow
• Spark
Тип: Внутренний проект

Сфера: PetTech

Что сделано:
Разработка и проектирование системы
Разработка сервиса для владельцев домашних животных CosmoZoo
+7 926 889 16 32
ООО Progress Engine 2018.
All rights reserved
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The confidentiality policy of personal information of OOO Progress Engine

ITN (Individual Taxpayer Number): 7722791153
PSRN (Primary State Registration Number)
: 1127747131907


  • This Privacy Policy (called "Policy" from now on) is for information purposes only and is entitled to help users understand their obligations and rights in the frame of the European General Data Protection Regulation. (called "GDPR" from now on).
  • This Policy is valid from September 30, 2018.
  • The personal data administrator is OOO Progress Engine. (from now on called "Administrator") with headquarters in Russia (105005, g. Moskva, per. Starokirochnyj, d. 16/2, str. 1, pom. II, komn. 4M) represented by: Aleksei Poimtsev. Email address: info@progress-engine.com, Phone number: +7 926 889 16 32
  • Customers' and Users' personal data is stored and processed in accordance with the GDPR requirements. The term "Personal Data" is used according to GDPR's personal data definition.
  • The administrator makes all the necessary efforts to protect the interests of individuals and organizations sharing their personal and corporate information. As well, ensures that the data is gathered and stored in agreement with GDPR, and will serve only the specific purposes for which a specific consent has been provided.
  • The administrator understands the importance of the privacy levels demanded from the site visitors and users in current and potential cooperation agreements, as well as customers, sharing personal data making use of the following:
    • The official website progress-engine.com, mirrors progress-engine.ru, wwdi.ru and all their subpages
    • Social platforms:
      • facebook.com, including all subdomains under the "Facebook" brand, regulated by its own policies: facebook.com/legal/terms
      • linkedin.com, including all subdomains under the "LinkedIn" brand, regulated by its own policies: linkedin.com/legal/user-agreement
      • instagram.com, including all subdomains under the "Instagram" brand, regulated by its own policies: help.instagram.com/478745558852511
      • twitter.com, including all subdomains under the "Twitter" brand, regulated by its own policies: twitter.com/en/tos

Scope and goal of personal data gathering, processing and storing

  • Everytime personal information is gathered, stored and/or processed by the Administrator, it is done strictly according to the GDPR regulations.
  • The most common cases for which the Administrator gathers, stores and process personal data are:
    • Recruitment
    • Business Development
    • After-sales Management
    • Marketing
    • Event Management
    • Accounting
  • In case personal data is planned to be collected for other purposes, a special consent from customers and/or users for each specific purpose will be requested.
  • All personal data collected is strictly for internal use only, and won't be shared with any other external parties.
  • After the proper consent has been granted, the Administrator can collect, process and store the following data:
    • Name and Surname
    • E-mail address
    • Phone number
    • Company address
    • URL addresses linking to personal data
    • Previous Employment and Education details
    • Bank account number (for customers only)
    • Any other invoicing data (for customers only)
    • Company details (for customers only)
    • Contact person details (for customers only)

Data Control and Edit Rights

  • Customers and users have the right to request access their personal data and request it's edition at anytime.
  • Customers and users have the right to re-define the scope in which their personal data can be processed and stored.
  • Customers and users have the right to request the deletion of their personal data from the Administrator's database at anytime.
  • Customers and users have the right to request to be forgotten according to the GDPR's Art. 17.
  • In the case a customer or user is requesting to access, edit or delete their personal data, the administrator can ask for additional information in order to verify the identity of the requester and to avoid any misuse of the editing and/or deleting rights.
  • For security and tracking purposes, customers and users must request to perform any of the changes mentioned in 3.1 and 3.2 or to request the deletion of their personal data by sending the request in a written form to: info@progress-engine.com
  • All requests mentioned in point number three, sent directly to the administrator in a written form, will be treated within 72 hours.

Contact with the Administrator

  • Customers and users have the right to contact the Administrator at anytime, making use of any of the communication means stated in the point number one of the Policy. However all official requests should be done in written form making use of the e-mail address info@progress-engine.com
  • The Administrator will store all correspondence with customers and users for statistical purposes and also in the frame of potential allegations regarding edition or deletion requests.


  • The Administrator makes sure all necessary technical means are implemented in order to keep all stored Customers and Users data safe from external agents. Specially to avoid:
    • Data disclosure to non-authorized persons
    • Data leaks out of the Administrator's business tools
    • Data theft
  • The Administrator makes sure all necessary technical means are implemented to avoid data edition or deletion by non-authorized persons
  • The security measures to comply with 5.1 and 5.2 are:
    • HTTPS Protocols
    • Data Encryption
    • Password Policy


  • The website makes reference to external websites or third party services. The Administrator strongly recommends to get familiar with the privacy policy and terms of use of each one of those external sites and/or third party services since they are in no way under the administrator's scope of liability.
  • The Administrator reserves the right to perform any changes in the Policy, which can be necessary (but not limited) due to legal changes, especially in the frame of the GDPR requirements, having impact in our obligations and/or customers and users rights.
  • If any change in the Policy is performed, a clear announcement informing about the changes implemented will be published.
  • The current Policy should be treated as a general reference document, for general information purposes only. It is not a legal document or a contract. In case any doubts, concerns or questions emerge after reading it, please contact the Administrator.